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Meet Our Staff


Logan Black

Head Trainer

"The King of Chaos" has been a staple of the Northeast independent wrestling scene for nearly two decades. His experience has helped him to see what creates success and failure for many wrestlers' journeys. An educator by trade, he creates a curriculum based on students skillsets to help them improve.


Tracy Williams


Former Ring of Honor World Television and World Tag Team Champion "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to T2T. He brings over a decade of experience as a staple of such high profile promotions as Chikara, Evolve and RoH as well as internationally.



Assistant Trainer

A Beloved mainstay 


Tom Frazier


Prolific upstart who leveraged the experience he gained working in the music industry into the wrestling business, Tom is both the owner of T2T Wrestling Academy and the promoter of Industrial World Wrestling.


Doc Diamondfire


Incredibly knowledgable in almost every facet of professional wrestling due to his versitility, Doc Diamondfire has been involved in the world of pro wrestling for over a decade in almost every capacity imaginable both in front of, and behind the curtain. Having a keen interested in the oral history of professional wrestling, Diamondfire curates weekly digital classes to explore the history of pro wrestling with T2T students.


MV Young

Head Trainer - T2T New Ken

A top talent of the independent wrestling landscape for several years, MV Young has been able to provide great insight into some of the more practical aspects of being a professional wrestler. Now residing in his home of Pittsburgh, PA, MV still makes his presence known from afar.


Willow Nightingale

Former Trainer

One of the most beloved and sought after professional wrestlers in America, Willow has accrued experience working for such promotions as AEW, ROH, MLW, SHIMMER and Beyond just to name a few. Having worked her way up from the independents to television, she is eager to share her experience and passion for the craft to the next generation of aspiring pro wrestlers.


Brother Greatness

Former Co-Trainer

A founding member of T2T and Co-Trainer from day 1, Brother Greatness has been instrumental in the foundation of the school in the first year of operation. A beloved figure in the Northeast independent circuit, Greatness helped create the curriculum for the school and will always be an important part of our family.

Guest Trainers

At T2T, we believe that there is no one "correct way" to learn how to wrestle, so we encourage diversity of perspectives and we are lucky to have been able to invite some phenomenal talent from the world of professional wrestling to help give our students different viewpoints from their perspectives:

Anthony Greene

Dark Sheik

The Batiri

Tracy Williams

Allie Katch

Robert Martyr

Carlos Romo

Terra Callaway


Gabriel Skye

Tristan Thai

Evander James

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